Beautiful stuff

I’m buried in stuff. Stuff I don’t need no matter how beautiful it is. As I get ready to move home (yay!), I’m faced with the spoils of my time here. I know why I have all of these things, I’ve been in a strange city and miss my family and our, uh, family stuff.

I’ve now loaded my car with the stuff I’ll give away and hope I’ll remember this moment before I go load up with more beautiful stuff. Since I’m moving home (Did I say, “yay!”? OK, how about something different? Whoot!), I know I’ll be less inclined to stock up on stuff I don’t need.

In the meantime, I need to dig deep and remember that it’s not the stuff that makes us happy. It’s the emotion we invest in ourselves and each other. Tonight, then, I’ll silently thank those who make me feel beautiful and loved: Martin, our boys, my dad, Cheryl, Margaret, Karen, Lisa, Laura, Nicole, Viv, Barry, James, Jeremiah, Jim, Brian, Nova, Tammy, Linda, Mark and more. And I thought I needed all that stuff, why? Ahh, another lesson in finding my faith.

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