Independence and other thoughts

Today is a US holiday celebrating our independence from the British. That’s all well and good, meaning independence. However, independence isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. I’ve been an independent cuss for most of my life, not wanting help from others, thinking it made me weak or vulnerable. I recently realized, however, that my family and friends feel closer to me when they are able to help. Letting them help is a form of love, isn’t it? And helping them back allows me to show them I love them as well.

More practically, no entity (human, government or otherwise) can do everything. This is why we have the barter system and money to trade for goods and services. We are usually expert in only a few things, and that is only if we’re lucky enough to find our calling and have the joy of practicing it enough to become competent or better. So if we’re to go on in a balanced manner, then we need to rely on others to help.

Returning to the matter of the US’s independence celebration, we celebrate not because we don’t need others but because we are able to make our own decisions regarding what we need and who we will ask to fulfill that need. Let’s all celebrate that form of independence for every human, every nation.


The US flags flying outside of the then headquarters of SBC (San Antonio, TX)


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