The New Normal

I received a newsletter this week that was headlined with “Corporate corruption is the new normal, Americans say”. That seems so jaded, doesn’t it? Or is it just realistic? The media is full of corruption scandals but does that represent the norm?

I struggle with two concerns in this area. On the one hand, I’m a born cynic. I question anything and everything, but more in the interest of learning than in challenging the speaker’s credibility. This makes me tough to be around because people feel I don’t trust them. That’s a painful experience for the people who love me or work with me.

On the other hand, I want to believe people and this puts me at risk for being a chump. Cynics will point out the folly in trusting people; they say there’s a risk that people will take advantage. However, when we trust people, the trustworthy treasure it and your connections are strengthened.

So, how do you choose between these two? The last few years have taught me that I can choose the type of world I want to live in. Said differently, I can choose my normal. I choose to believe that people are trustworthy until they prove otherwise. I choose to believe that the buzz over corruption isn’t representative of the whole. I choose to not only trust people but to have faith in humanity as a whole. Sure, I’ll be a chump sometimes but life isn’t perfect. I choose for my imperfections to be one of having too much faith and not too little.

Our dog, Ipo, who is begging for trust despite hiding in the drapes like she’s been doing something she shouldn’t have. (Ipo is pronounced “ee-poe”, it means sweetheart in Hawaiian)

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