Your Day is What You Make It


It’s a rainy, yucky morning here – do you look out and see the gloom or the valuable water we need? Both are out there if you want to find them, it’s all in how YOU react to what is available. That goes for everything in your day: the alarm going off, bad hair days (including whether you still have any), traffic, meetings, email, Q, phone calls, firedrills, lunch…… and I’m only at your midday. 🙂

Me? I do my best to shake off the sucky part of my day. Some days it works and other days I need y’all to help me do it.

For example, I had a really cruddy couple of days last week and I was feeling like a deflated balloon Friday. Then one of y’all sent me an email connecting me with an old friend. I met her shortly after I joined PacBell but had lost touch in all the moves and her retirement. Guess what lifted me back up? I picked up the phone and called her and we had a fabulous conversation. In 30 short minutes, I was back to feeling like I could power through ehhhnyyytheeeeng. Absolutely anything. Whoot!

The moral of the story? Your day is what you make it. Your loved ones help you shake off the stress when you’re feeling overwhelmed. Appreciating all you have takes us back to the beginning – your day is what YOU make it.

Have a fabulous day and a stupendous week!

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