Own It

Good morning and HAPPY FRIDAY!

I’m in need of something a little fun, a little camp, so how about a little MC Hammer? Yeah, that’s how we livin…. Need to get a fresh attitude? Oh, my Lord, thank You for blessing me….Looking for some energy? Now, you know you wanna dance. Want to shake off the seriousness of your day? No quote here, but how about you join me in imagining everyone wearing those harem pants? Whoot! 😀

Its your life so own it

It doesn’t matter how challenging things are, we all need to remember what we do well, celebrate who we are and own it. Whether it’s you, your family, your community or your company, you know you rock it. Need some help visualizing? I absolutely love this lipsync of U Can’t Touch This by McKinney High School. EVERYONE is in on the action – do you think it brought them together? And how great is it that the administration supported this effort? It tells you that they make their campus fun for their students, which pays off in a strong sense of community and students who are willing to work hard. (My favorite is the kid at 3’15” who looks like he might get pushed into his locker but, boy, he can bust a move. Good for him for taking center stage!)

So move, outta your seat, and… git r done, then enjoy your weekend!


Keep Calm

Wooohooooooooooooooo! It’s hump day! Are you ready? It’s time to check a few things off of this week’s to do list and get ready to complete the rest by Friday. How will you get them all done? 😀

You know the phrase, “Keep Calm and Carry On?” Did you know it was a form of a PSA (Public Service Announcement, a type of advertising) from the British government in 1939? I wonder what the creators of this slogan would think if they saw all of the ways it’s used today…talk about a sticky slogan! AT&T’s gotten in on the popular meme with its Keep Calm Your Internet’s On ad.

What’s your favorite from the list of “Keep calm and…” in the ad?  I’m pretty sure the creators of Keep Calm wouldn’t recognize most of those statements; for example, “stream” would have been a noun, not a verb, in 1939. Then there is the whole concept of cat videos…I can see my Grandpa Ralph’s face reacting to that genre.  🙂


Ever wonder what people do on the internet? Ok, maybe not, LOL. But us data nerds do wonder how much is done on the internet every hour. Check out this picture from equities.com to fill you in.


Who thinks we’re gonna lose?

It’s Monday. (Good morning!)

Are you feeling optimistic about this week? I can hear y’all overthinking your answer (“Uhhh. I think so?”) so let me help.

If you got out of bed, thinking you can make a difference, the answer has to be “Yes!” For those who are still overthinking: Could you also make a list of everything that could go wrong? Of course you can. In fact, you can probably predict what will break before it does. But are those things enough to make you get back in bed?

One of my favorite kid stories is about our son’s soccer club when they played a border team, where the kids ‘sleep with their cleats on’, meaning the kids live and breathe futbol. On the sidelines, no one is spiraling a football or tossing a baseball back and forth. There are families and friends lining the field, singing and chanting, just like at a professional game. We usually got crushed by the border teams and all the kids knew it. Adding to this, we had to drive about 3 hours each way for the privilege of getting creamed. How do you think our kids felt when they took the field? Did they put on their boots believing they’d lose or did they think there was a chance they could win?

soccere ball field

That day, the coach was doing his pre-game thing and asked the team, “Who thinks we’re going to lose today?” One player raised his hand. The coach looked at him and said, “OK, you’re on the bench.” He then looked around and said, “Now, who else thinks we’re gonna lose today?”

What message do you think the kids heard? That’s right. Don’t take the field unless you have hope that you can make a difference. At least make the opposition earn the win, don’t just hand it to them. Give it your all. That’s a pretty powerful message for all of us, kids or adults.

So, as you look at the week ahead, are you going to begin every day with hope that you’ll make a difference? If you’re having trouble answering these questions, I hope you’ll lean on each other. We’re here to inspire each other, we’re here to win together.

Celebrate the Trailblazers

Another week, another FRIDAY!

It’s time to get up and move as we wrap up another week and our inspiration comes from yesterday’s news, when we lost a music trailblazer. Prince made music history and never deviated from his vision. He was an icon in purple and platforms.


Each of us is made up of how we view the world – how do you not celebrate Prince and his music without celebrating part of your own life? Do you have a favorite Prince memory? I’ve got several, like putting on my Sony Walkman and those big foam headphones (I lived Prince’s greatest hits in real time, like many of you), cranking his music while I dance-walked to class. A close second were the endless college dance parties. We lived to dance and Prince was our soundtrack.

His Purpleness wasn’t big on music videos but here’s a sample of his greatest hits, you can use it as your soundtrack this morning. 🙂

Paper Airplanes


Happy Hump Day!

Need something sweet to brighten your week? How about Letters to Dad? Great advertising tells a story and sucks you in.

I watched this ad several times and was right there with the little boy, missing his dad and taking steps to tell him.

I was right there with the neighbor finding a mess of paper airplanes and then realizing what could be.

I was right there with the dad, serving overseas, receiving messages from home.

I was right there in that little boy’s back yard when his dad’s airplanes started to arrive.

Watch it and see if you’re not right there with me. ❤

Blank Pages

Good morning and welcome back to the work week!

Some of us received some challenging news on Friday and it undoubtedly colored our weekend. If you’re in that group with me, did you let it affect your time with family and friends? Some would ask, “how could it not”? Others reacted by not reacting. Both paths are completely understandable.

This all got me to thinking about a Chance Scoggins blog post, The Unwritten Page. In it, he talks about how the past is already written and how every new day is another blank page, waiting for us to choose what we’ll write. 

Even if we don’t get out of bed, the story continues.
Even if we do what we did yesterday, the story continues.
Even lack of thought will fill the page.
Even if we’re unaware that we’re creating in every moment of every day,
With every choice and every thought… we are.


What will you write on the pages before you? Mine will be filled with the possibility of change and my optimism that, no matter what, we will manage and come out the better for it. Will it be difficult? Sure. Will it be really not fun? Hopefully, only on some days. More than anything, my pages will be written with YOU in them. Together, we’ll write our stories. Years from now, the challenge (and the glory) will fade a bit but we’ll remember who was in it with us. Remember that, as you write your own stories, others are writing theirs and we can all use a little inspiration to make our stories the best ever.