Blank Pages

Good morning and welcome back to the work week!

Some of us received some challenging news on Friday and it undoubtedly colored our weekend. If you’re in that group with me, did you let it affect your time with family and friends? Some would ask, “how could it not”? Others reacted by not reacting. Both paths are completely understandable.

This all got me to thinking about a Chance Scoggins blog post, The Unwritten Page. In it, he talks about how the past is already written and how every new day is another blank page, waiting for us to choose what we’ll write. 

Even if we don’t get out of bed, the story continues.
Even if we do what we did yesterday, the story continues.
Even lack of thought will fill the page.
Even if we’re unaware that we’re creating in every moment of every day,
With every choice and every thought… we are.


What will you write on the pages before you? Mine will be filled with the possibility of change and my optimism that, no matter what, we will manage and come out the better for it. Will it be difficult? Sure. Will it be really not fun? Hopefully, only on some days. More than anything, my pages will be written with YOU in them. Together, we’ll write our stories. Years from now, the challenge (and the glory) will fade a bit but we’ll remember who was in it with us. Remember that, as you write your own stories, others are writing theirs and we can all use a little inspiration to make our stories the best ever.

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