Celebrate the Trailblazers

Another week, another FRIDAY!

It’s time to get up and move as we wrap up another week and our inspiration comes from yesterday’s news, when we lost a music trailblazer. Prince made music history and never deviated from his vision. He was an icon in purple and platforms.


Each of us is made up of how we view the world – how do you not celebrate Prince and his music without celebrating part of your own life? Do you have a favorite Prince memory? I’ve got several, like putting on my Sony Walkman and those big foam headphones (I lived Prince’s greatest hits in real time, like many of you), cranking his music while I dance-walked to class. A close second were the endless college dance parties. We lived to dance and Prince was our soundtrack.

His Purpleness wasn’t big on music videos but here’s a sample of his greatest hits, you can use it as your soundtrack this morning. 🙂

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