Who thinks we’re gonna lose?

It’s Monday. (Good morning!)

Are you feeling optimistic about this week? I can hear y’all overthinking your answer (“Uhhh. I think so?”) so let me help.

If you got out of bed, thinking you can make a difference, the answer has to be “Yes!” For those who are still overthinking: Could you also make a list of everything that could go wrong? Of course you can. In fact, you can probably predict what will break before it does. But are those things enough to make you get back in bed?

One of my favorite kid stories is about our son’s soccer club when they played a border team, where the kids ‘sleep with their cleats on’, meaning the kids live and breathe futbol. On the sidelines, no one is spiraling a football or tossing a baseball back and forth. There are families and friends lining the field, singing and chanting, just like at a professional game. We usually got crushed by the border teams and all the kids knew it. Adding to this, we had to drive about 3 hours each way for the privilege of getting creamed. How do you think our kids felt when they took the field? Did they put on their boots believing they’d lose or did they think there was a chance they could win?

soccere ball field

That day, the coach was doing his pre-game thing and asked the team, “Who thinks we’re going to lose today?” One player raised his hand. The coach looked at him and said, “OK, you’re on the bench.” He then looked around and said, “Now, who else thinks we’re gonna lose today?”

What message do you think the kids heard? That’s right. Don’t take the field unless you have hope that you can make a difference. At least make the opposition earn the win, don’t just hand it to them. Give it your all. That’s a pretty powerful message for all of us, kids or adults.

So, as you look at the week ahead, are you going to begin every day with hope that you’ll make a difference? If you’re having trouble answering these questions, I hope you’ll lean on each other. We’re here to inspire each other, we’re here to win together.

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