Keep Calm

Wooohooooooooooooooo! It’s hump day! Are you ready? It’s time to check a few things off of this week’s to do list and get ready to complete the rest by Friday. How will you get them all done? 😀

You know the phrase, “Keep Calm and Carry On?” Did you know it was a form of a PSA (Public Service Announcement, a type of advertising) from the British government in 1939? I wonder what the creators of this slogan would think if they saw all of the ways it’s used today…talk about a sticky slogan! AT&T’s gotten in on the popular meme with its Keep Calm Your Internet’s On ad.

What’s your favorite from the list of “Keep calm and…” in the ad?  I’m pretty sure the creators of Keep Calm wouldn’t recognize most of those statements; for example, “stream” would have been a noun, not a verb, in 1939. Then there is the whole concept of cat videos…I can see my Grandpa Ralph’s face reacting to that genre.  🙂


Ever wonder what people do on the internet? Ok, maybe not, LOL. But us data nerds do wonder how much is done on the internet every hour. Check out this picture from to fill you in.


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