All Who Wander Are Not Lost

GM and welcome back to Monday!

It’s the first week of May, the second month of 2Q and we have lots to do. Are you at your best? I’ll bet your head is already spinning with everything you need to get done this morning, get done today, get done this week, get done this month, OMG-is-school-almost-out-for-the-summer? …you get the drift, right? When your head is overflowing with a task list, problems you need to solve and all the other junk floating around from last week, it’s hard to focus. It’s hard to stay calm. It’s hard to find the energy and creativity for not only solving problems but innovating. It’s hard to enjoy the moment when we’re so busy reacting to everything.

 Meditation is like a gym

So, what do you do to stay focused, stay creative, stay energized? How about we do nothing for a little bit? I know that sounds counter intuitive – after all, doing nothing won’t get your task list completed, will it? On the other hand, giving your brain a chance to wander might just help your creativity. It certainly will help your stress level and it should help your physical wellbeing, too.

Notice I didn’t give this practice a label. If I did, it would be meditation, but I know a bunch of y’all will dismiss the idea. What can it hurt, though, if you take 5-10-20 minutes to focus on your breathing and practice letting go of all those thoughts galloping through your mind? At most, you lose a few minutes. At best, you gain some peace of mind back and are better equipped to get through your day.

If you need a little help, here are couple of guided meditation sources: HeadSpace and Mindfulness Solution. I use HeadSpace, there’s something about it that keeps me faithful to my morning practice.           


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