Whoot, it’s Hump Day! Sometimes, ya gotta go to your happy place… where is yours? This is one of my favorite questions of people, especially when we’re stressed. There’s nothing like indulging in a little daydream, one where there is no pressure and you can just be. Happy daydreaming lifts your mood and can help you think more positively; you return to reality with a fresh outlook – sometimes a little mental wandering can be very productive.

Speaking of dreaming, this Volkswagen GTI ad caught my attention – anyone with dogs knows that they fully live out their dreams. I love that Man and his Best Friend join up in their own happy place. 😀

dog dream

In case you need a heartwarming story to lift your spirits, check out where AT&T’s Korey Hicks saved a customer’s life and then kept him company at the hospital. He makes me proud to be a part of the AT&T family, not just because he took action when a customer was needing help physically but also because he then went out of way to help spiritually. A little kinship goes a very long way.

Happy Daydreaming – take a moment to recharge today!


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