Shake It

Good morning and Happy Friday!

Has your week felt like a party that never ends? Sure it has! 😉

How about we “shake the stress away” with Rihanna’s Don’t Stop the Music? That part where she’s sitting in a corner and dancing? Hold onto that thought as you work your way through your day. No matter how challenging our week, we can still find the energy and joy that comes from within.

And I hafta say, you gotta love that she’s worked in a riff from the King of Pop.


If you know someone who thinks these musical bits are a waste of time, check out Forbes Level Up, where researchers state that we’re more productive on days we exercise. There’s both a physical and mental benefit to exercise, even from a little chair dancing. So get your groove on and get your day done!

chair dancing

Enjoy your day, take a minute to stretch or (wheee) go for a walk, it’ll make your day better!


Cool Summer Fun

Wahooooo Wednesday!

It’s Hump Day! How are you doing?

We’re nearly done with July and roaring into busy-busy-busy August, with move season, back to school and last minute vacations. On top of everything else, the temps are making us all overheat. What’s a body to do? Grab a cold drink and think icy thoughts, of course. 😉 Or maybe you take a trip in the way-back machine and remember fun in the sprinklers with Wham-O’s Slip and Slide. Hard to believe this toy is still around but it was being advertised in 2015, with some additional features like blow-up ends, to minimize injuries.

I hope this ad helps you remember being a kid, when fun was as simple as a hose and a long piece of plastic. I also hope this reduces some of the stress in your day and the tension in your head-neck-shoulder-back-you get the idea 😀

backyard summer fun

Have a great Wednesday!


We Are the Light That Never Fails

Good morning and Happy Friday!

I’ve been traveling and had intended to share an upbeat summer tune to help us wrap up the week. However, it’s another somber morning and I find it hard to just jump into something joyful while watching the aftermath of last night’s event in Nice, France. How about we start with Andra Day’s The Light That Never Fails… a beautiful song to inspire hope. It’s not our usual Friday fare, instead use it to think of others who need us.

Light that never fails.png

Now, for something to get you moving on this summer morning, John Mellencamp & Me’Shell Ndegeocello’s Wild Nights. They look like they’re having fun together and it has a great bass line, one that will stick with you all day. You’re welcome.  😉

May you find some joy this weekend, be the light that never fails and we’ll see you next week!


Sun Behind the Clouds

Good Morning – it’s been a somber, sad, heartbreaking time as we watched this week unfold. I normally want to motivate us all on Friday to dig deep and find a burst of energy for the last day of the work week. Instead, I can’t help but take a moment as we witness the latest violence with heavy hearts.

Sun behind the clouds

Please join me in reflection:

Do we all want to live full lives, enjoying our freedoms, including to drive without fear of dying as the result of a broken taillight or forgotten turn signal?

Do we want to raise our children to have long, happy, passionate lives?

Do we want to teach them that hate is the answer to awful things?

Or do we want to find ways to bridge our differences and enjoy the rich, colorful, inspiring tapestry of a diverse nation?

I choose to believe that we are inherently good.

I choose to believe that the sun shines no matter that the clouds that obscure it.

I choose to believe that we can have better lives because we are different from each other.

I choose to believe that we are better than this ugliness indicates.

I choose to believe we can make a difference.

What do you choose?


Music soothes the savage beast – let’s find a little inspiration to give us hope this morning.

The Staple Singers I’ll Take You There addresses the ugliness in a I-can-make-a-difference style.

Ladysmith Black Mambazo’s Homeless is such a beautiful song, it outshines the ugliness.

Van Morrison’s Into the Mystic is timeless poetry.

The Dixie Chick’s cover of Landslide combines their glorious harmony with Stevie Nicks’s lyrics about rising above.


May you have a glorious weekend,

May you find time to hug your loved ones,

May you see the sun behind the clouds and

May you find hope that we will all rise above.