Cool Summer Fun

Wahooooo Wednesday!

It’s Hump Day! How are you doing?

We’re nearly done with July and roaring into busy-busy-busy August, with move season, back to school and last minute vacations. On top of everything else, the temps are making us all overheat. What’s a body to do? Grab a cold drink and think icy thoughts, of course. 😉 Or maybe you take a trip in the way-back machine and remember fun in the sprinklers with Wham-O’s Slip and Slide. Hard to believe this toy is still around but it was being advertised in 2015, with some additional features like blow-up ends, to minimize injuries.

I hope this ad helps you remember being a kid, when fun was as simple as a hose and a long piece of plastic. I also hope this reduces some of the stress in your day and the tension in your head-neck-shoulder-back-you get the idea 😀

backyard summer fun

Have a great Wednesday!


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