Don’t Stop Me Now

Wahoo, it’s Wednesday! We made it through August, which is saying something since this was our busy season at work. So give yourself a moment to celebrate making it through another season and then let’s dive into September.

It’s time for a hump day ad; HusbandMartin and I are divided on this one – Google Photos Free Up Space. I love the combination of music and concept. Queen’s Don’t Stop Me Now is a classic for a reason and it’s a great match for the ad’s story (capturing the moment in a photo with your smartphone). Martin is frustrated by the users’ frustration, though.

What do you think? Does the ad grab you in the right way? Or does it annoy you enough to make you want to block out the message? Good advertising, like all communications, engages you enough to get the message to stick. Think about your communications; do your messages get lost because of how you deliver them? Or are you able to get your story across and make it sticky because of your style? Always good food for thought.

And one more thing…..Have you taken the pledge to not text and drive? ? Need a reminder of my thoughts on the matter? I mention this because AT&T has released a new ad to encourage folks to not drive while distracted. It’s worth the 3 minutes to watch – I hope it reminds all of us to focus on the road, not on the phone.

Take the pledge ICW

Take the pledge to buckle up and put your phone down!


Get Yer Geek On

Happy Friday!

I’ve been geeking out this week to They Might Be Giants and OK Go! There’s something freeing about not worrying what others think, isn’t there? These bands’ enthusiasm is contagious, so get yer geek on with me!

nerd on

TMBG’s Istanbul (not Constantinople) is another earworm (again, you’re welcome) but the lyrics are surprisingly thoughtful. “Why they’d change it? I can’t say, people just liked it better that way”, reminds us that change is inevitable… can you imagine saying you’re going to the Big Apple, New Amsterdam?

And OK Go’s Here It Goes Again is another creative take that combines music and treadmills. As if making music and dancing isn’t hard enough, they combine this with 8 moving platforms. I like their willingness to take on a challenge. 😀

Have a great weekend!


We Need More Speed

Happy Hump Day!

As the summer games continue, don’t you want to join in with all the jumping, running, swimming, hitting (volleyball, golf, tennis…)? There’s a funny ad that combines the spirit of the games with the never ending enthusiasm of overgrown children. Their enthusiasm knows no boundaries!

need more speed

UnitedHealthcare – Pool Vault makes ya glad for excellent health care. “So close…. We just need more speed. I’m on it….” 😀

Who’s up next on pole vault? 😉


Listen to Understand

GM and welcome to the working week!

How was your weekend? We’ve wrapped up the dog days of summer, kids are going back to school, we’ve rounded the midpoint of August and are starting to fantasize about another 3 day weekend. While we enjoy the last of the long summer days, please keep the folks in Louisiana in your thoughts. Xo

Listen to understand

I’m so proud of our community, of our principles, our integrity and our willingness to invest in each other. One way we invest in each other is taking the time to listen, without interrupting, without judging and with patience and respect. Even when we don’t agree, we can listen, can’t we? Can’t we? I’ll be the first to admit it’s sometimes a challenge but that’s what practice is for. 😉

How about you? How well do you listen? Do you listen better to those who agree with you? How about we all practice listening better in conversations where we don’t agree?

Here’s some advice on listening and leadership from Forbes:

  • Be empathetic and don’t judge.
  • Challenge your assumptions.
  • Don’t interrupt, be respectful.
  • Engage and care.

These principles remind me of friendship and parenting, classic cases of where we’re invested in the relationship. Imagine what we could do if we invested in relationships with those whom we disagree.

Time to get Monday tasks done – have a great week!



Whoot, we made it to Friday!

One of the hallmarks of our culture is perseverance. We see it in the games, too. Every athlete, win or lose, talks about their training commitment. In our house, this is known as TNDO (Take No Day Off), something our youngest son kept saying as he left team practice to hit the gym. Gotta admire the TNDO intensity. It’s about overcoming adversity and inertia to achieve your goals, athletic or otherwise. So, as we rise on Friday, probably a bit worn out and ready for a break, let’s dig deep for some more of the goodness I know is inside all of us. To get you moving, here’s a replay with a twist: Imagine Dragons covering I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles). Talk about perseverance, the lyrics and the artists covering them both have it. Imagine Dragons has been playing this song since they were a little local band in Nevada. Kinda sweet!

Oh, and you’re welcome for the earworm. <curtsy> 😀 Ta-da-da-da, Ta-da-da-da….


While I started with TNDO….. I’ll add that everyone needs a break. Perseverance is great but constant high intensity isn’t sustainable. I hope y’all can take a break of some kind this weekend, to refresh and recharge.

See you Monday!


Going for Gold

Wow, is it Wednesday already?! Happy Hump Day!

Have you been watching the games? No, I don’t mean the race for president, I mean the Rio games…. 😀

The Moir fam has been watching most of it and I’ve been enjoying the commercials (hubby is not a fan of commercials, so I’m holding the remote!). There are several ads for GE that are tickling my funny bone – anyone with a younger brother or sister should be able to relate to Ricky & Sarah in Sarah: Building Advanced, Robot-Like Machines – GE

Somewhere in Ricky’s brain is a creative genius just waiting to transform the world. 😉

MK uneven

In other Olympic news, are y’all proud of our teams? AT&T’s family won gold last night (go MADDIE!) as the women’s gymnastics team shows that ‘process before progress’ works. I’m also proud of two UC Berkeley swimmers (Ryan Murphy and Nathan Adrian), who’ve both won gold. Go Bears! Grrr-rrrr-rrrr-rah!

Bears swim

Have a great day, may you win a little gold!


Process Before Progress


I’ve got a challenging morning so will keep it short with a great quote from a young author, Jason Reynolds. He was featured on NPR’s Weekend Edition Sunday if you want to hear the whole interview.

Be not afraid of discomfort. If you can’t put yourself in a situation where you are uncomfortable then you will never grow. You will never change. You’ll never learn. And I think for me, the discomfort of drowning is what taught me to swim.

And furthermore, I think that for all the young people out there, the one thing that I learned that I still hold on to every day of my life as I work as an artist is that it’s always going to be process before progress. It takes work. It takes humility. It takes confidence. It takes agency and urgency. And it takes a little bit of luck sometimes, too.

go on as you never have

Doesn’t this fit with our culture of transformation?

If you watched last night’s Olympics, you saw Britain’s Adam Peaty set a world record and win the gold in the men’s 100m breaststroke. As a kid, Peaty was afraid of water; do you think he’s glad to have pushed past his discomfort?

May you find new ways to grow this week!