What’s Your Why?

Good morning and welcome back to the work week!

I have a question for you: What’s your why? Why do you do what you do? This could apply to anything but let’s focus on your career. Why do you do what you do for a living? Is it the money? The fame J? Do you love the function (e.g., finance, engineering, marketing, sales)? Is the why enough to keep you going when it gets difficult? If your why isn’t big enough, how does that affect your commitment?

transformation why

The summer games give us several examples, especially with four (FOUR!) members of AT&T families participating. Take Ragan Smith’s family, for example: she’s a 15 year old alternate on the women’s gymnastics team. She and another team member, Madison Kocian, train 6 days a week, twice a day. Do you think these two teens have a clear understanding of their why?

How about their families? Ragan’s dad, Michael, got AT&T permission to move his job from Georgia to Dallas so she could train at an elite training center there. I bet they didn’t think twice about it, because they knew their why.

There’s also Malik Scott’s daughter, Ariana Washington, and John Monday’s wife, Rose. Ariana is running the 4×100 relay and Rose is an assistant track coach. All of these US team members and their families have a clear commitment to their sport, one that keeps them going through the good days and bad.

So, now, back to you. Do you know what your why is? Or how to integrate this concept into your work?

Here’s one way I do it with my team: Imagine you’re starting a new job. On your first day, your new boss asks what you want to do next. Kind of odd, right? But what if you have a candid conversation about what you hope to do next and how your new role and boss can support you? Could this help you get the right experience and exposure and make it easier for you to land your next role?

I hope you think about your why, have a great week!


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