Going for Gold

Wow, is it Wednesday already?! Happy Hump Day!

Have you been watching the games? No, I don’t mean the race for president, I mean the Rio games…. 😀

The Moir fam has been watching most of it and I’ve been enjoying the commercials (hubby is not a fan of commercials, so I’m holding the remote!). There are several ads for GE that are tickling my funny bone – anyone with a younger brother or sister should be able to relate to Ricky & Sarah in Sarah: Building Advanced, Robot-Like Machines – GE

Somewhere in Ricky’s brain is a creative genius just waiting to transform the world. 😉

MK uneven

In other Olympic news, are y’all proud of our teams? AT&T’s family won gold last night (go MADDIE!) as the women’s gymnastics team shows that ‘process before progress’ works. I’m also proud of two UC Berkeley swimmers (Ryan Murphy and Nathan Adrian), who’ve both won gold. Go Bears! Grrr-rrrr-rrrr-rah!

Bears swim

Have a great day, may you win a little gold!


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