Whoot, we made it to Friday!

One of the hallmarks of our culture is perseverance. We see it in the games, too. Every athlete, win or lose, talks about their training commitment. In our house, this is known as TNDO (Take No Day Off), something our youngest son kept saying as he left team practice to hit the gym. Gotta admire the TNDO intensity. It’s about overcoming adversity and inertia to achieve your goals, athletic or otherwise. So, as we rise on Friday, probably a bit worn out and ready for a break, let’s dig deep for some more of the goodness I know is inside all of us. To get you moving, here’s a replay with a twist: Imagine Dragons covering I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles). Talk about perseverance, the lyrics and the artists covering them both have it. Imagine Dragons has been playing this song since they were a little local band in Nevada. Kinda sweet!

Oh, and you’re welcome for the earworm. <curtsy> 😀 Ta-da-da-da, Ta-da-da-da….


While I started with TNDO….. I’ll add that everyone needs a break. Perseverance is great but constant high intensity isn’t sustainable. I hope y’all can take a break of some kind this weekend, to refresh and recharge.

See you Monday!


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