Smarter Faster Better

Good Morning, Happy Monday!

Are you ready for the week? Will you get everything done? I bet your answers are “Sure” and “Hopefully”. Every single one of us has studied something about our profession, whether it’s getting licensed, earning a certification in a technology or getting a college degree. Why? Because studying and practicing our craft makes us better at it. But what about your daily routine, do you study that? Do you examine how you structure your day and spend your time? Even if you’ve considered the what and the why, are you so anxious to get things done that you don’t focus on the how?


I’ve been reading Smarter Faster Better by Charles Duhigg, a book on productivity and why some folks are more productive than others, in large part due to the choices we make. One of my favorite parts in the book talks about teaming, creative tension in groups and how to transform performance by focusing on how we treat and trust each other. If you want a condensed version of the lessons in the book, check out Freakonomics radio or listen to Marketplace Weekend’s coverage on the book and Mr. Duhigg. Both of these sites offer great podcasts overall, hope you enjoy them!


Have a great week!


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