Do It Like This

Hey, hey, hey!

Today’s the first of June, time to have a little pride! Plus, it’s about time I started posting again, right? How have y’all been, how have you managed the last year without a little funky Friday fun? I hope y’all made your own music ❤

FF Funky Friday

Let’s start June off right with a little bit of Daphne Willis, Do It Like This

Infectious enthusiasm? Check. 

Energetic beat? Oh, yeah. Toes are tapping, booties are shaking.FF Do It Like This 2

Joyful? You bet. Confidence and an infectious beat.

Irrepressible joy – that’s what I’m talking about. How can you not join in? 

DW makes me move on my FF Do It Like Thistoughest morning – she puts pep in my step.

C’mon! Join me on this glorious Friday with a little desk chair hustle, or some hallway struttin’. If anyone asks, invite them to dance along.

Want more Daphne Willis? I especially like her Somebody’s Someone – totally different from Do It Like This, btw. It’s the kind of song that reminds me that ‘them’ are ‘us’, that everyone belongs to someone. Ah, the feels!

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