About Me


C’est Moi – yes, that’s me, courtesy of Heather Klar at ImageThink, as drawn during a team meeting in 2011. The text reflects a team discussion and not me – although, wouldn’t that be awesome?

I’m a longtime employee of a Fortune 10 company and believe that faith is necessary to healthy relationships. This faith is important at home and at work. I tell my kids that I’ve always had faith in them: faith that they would potty train, learn to speak, learn to read and grow up to be productive members of society. I learned to bring this faith to the office as well. I’m currently working on a second graduate degree and trying to balance….well, life. I’ve been married for  25 years to my best friend and rely on him to remind me when I tip the wrong direction occasionally. 😉

As I finish my MA in Conflict Resolution, I’m writing about how some of the concepts I’ve studies are important in life. Examples include optimism, forgiveness, relationships and various aspects of communication theory. I also have other blogs:

Making the Deal Work, which is about negotiating and is more work focused.

Faith Mediation, about managing conflict in relationships while strengthening relationships.

United in Sport, regarding managing conflict in amateur sports; this is my newest blog and is still under construction. More to come!

Finally, I have a blog of reflections on my struggles with chronic illness, It’s Not Serious. This way I can avoid over sharing with my friends, who are probably up-to-here with my storytelling. If you have any interest in reading a first hand account of living with chronic illnesses, this is it.

Favorite books right now:

Leadership and Self-Deception (Arbinger Institute),

OrgB (organizational behavior textbook, 3rd edition; Nelson & Quick),

Reframing Organizations (Bolman & Deal).

2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Thank you so much for reaching out through my blog! Sean told me about your blog as well, but I didn’t realize you actually have several blogs. How do you do it all?! I am amazed. Look forward to meeting you, hopefully one day soon!

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