Mega Modern Family

The holidays are all about family and friends. Sometimes, you’re even lucky enough to spend some up-close-and-personal time with them. Let’s hope you make great memories and can laugh at the funny (and not-so-funny stuff). 😉

Today’s Hump Day ad is Tide: Mega Modern Family Gets the Most With Tide HE These are things you just can’t unsee……It’s a great ad, showing off the product and engaging you with humor about a situation we can all relate to.


I think that the Tide family and Modern Family (above) are related, don’t you? They’re both full of love, a little humor, a little snark and, above all, community. What would we do without each other?

Forever and Ever

Woohooooo, it’s Friday!

Do you need an antidote from all the drama this political season? How about a throwback song? Randy Travis was inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame (finally!) and I think we should celebrate with his Forever and Ever, Amen. “I’m gonna love you forever and ever, forever and ever, amen.”


May you have a glorious weekend with someone you love. 😉

Always Trust Your Cape

Congrats, you made it through another week!

On Monday, we said goodbye to a number of folks at work – some who have been with the company for 40 years. Today we say goodbye to a long time teammate, John Devenney. He’s going on an awesome vacation before moving to new adventures and I cannot wait to see his photos as he explores the world.

Bittersweet is the best word I can find for saying goodbye – we hate to see someone go but we also know they’re going to have a great adventure.

In honor of all those who are moving on, here’s one of my favorite Guy Clark songs, The Cape. He has such a way with lyrics –

He’s one of those

Who knows

Life is just a leap of faith

Spread your arms

An’ hold your breath

And always trust your cape.

… He did not know he could not fly

And so he did.


Isn’t that the message every parent should give their kid, every one of us should give each other? The cape is a great metaphor for trusting your ability to take risks.

kid cape

If you need a little more inspiration to get you through a bittersweet week – How about Rusted Root’s Send Me On My Way or Queen’s Don’t Stop Me Now (this version with Adam Lambert, playful and all about the crowd). I’ve got these on my Friday playlist for a reason – upbeat, energizing and inspiring – what’s on your playlist today?

To all of our friends leaving the business – ciao, adieu, adios, auf wiedersehen, au revoir, until we meet again, Godspeed!


Love You Dodo

Love in the age of electronics means being able to laugh at yourself. Seriously. Haven’t you ever sent something by accident – either to the wrong person or typed badly or gotten help from spellcheck? Of course you have. It’s not the mistake that matters, it’s how we react to it that counts. Like wrinkles, it’s our reactions that give us character. They become the evidence of a life well lived.

When I send a text to my husband, I often sign off with an “xoxo”. This is so automatic that I frequently send it to coworkers. Usually, this is when I’m doing too many things at once. (Uhh, that would be anytime I’m doing more than one thing at a time….) Fortunately, it’s a loving mistake. They reply with things like, “love you too, boo” or “awww, that’s sweet”. I even get, “bet you were sending this to Martin” (that’s Dear Husband or DH).

So, now it’s the day before Valentine’s Day and I’m sending a text. I’ve got the recipient right – DH – but not focusing on the keyboard or the blasted spell check. DH is running an errand for me and I meant to send him, “xoxo” By the time I notice “xoxo” has become “dodo”, the text is gone. Poof. Sent and forever in the ether.


One of the best parts of our relationship is that we laugh. A lot. Fortunately, this is now just another one of those moments. He knew what I meant and he could guess how it happened. Will he forget it? Of course not. Years from now, he’ll be sending me texts like “Love you dodo”. It’ll be an inside joke. It’ll give our relationship a little more depth, another line that defines us, evidence of a love well lived. ❤

Texas Mileage

We spent yesterday driving to a surprise party for my aunt. I’m pretty sure that most of you think that means that we spent most of the day attending a surprise party for my aunt. But this is Texas. Y’all don’t know what it’s like here unless maybe you live in Alaska. Texas is 10% larger than France and twice the size of Germany and Japan. I’m telling you, this place is HUGE. I found this map to show you the relative size…..You can see why a drive across the state takes a couple of days, if you’re going the speed limit, that is, which we ALWAYS do. Just nod your head and look innocent while you smile at the nice officer. 🙂

Aunt Phyllis’s party was in a small town in north Texas, named Cisco. It happens to be the location of the original Hilton hotel and there is a museum dedicated to the Hiltons there.

The old Mobley Hotel, the first of Hilton’s properties, was located in Cisco, Texas.

Nearly everyone that attended the party lives elsewhere. I think most folks had a 4 hour round trip drive, Cisco is a couple of hours west of Fort Worth and a few hours east of Midland, all along I-20. One of my cousins and her husband drove down from Arkansas and spent the night in Dallas. My brother and parents flew in from California. Martin & I? We drove up from San Antonio, 4 hours each way, all in one day. If you’re doing the math, let me save you the trouble… We drove 8 hours round-trip to attend a birthday party that was about 3 hours. That’s Texas for ya. It was worth it though – we got to visit with about 40 or so of my dad’s family, including my aunts and uncles, my cousins and their kids and even grandkids. My favorite part of this group is the  joy they have, you’re always welcomed with open arms. Is it any wonder why it’s so easy to spend time with them, especially now, as the aunts and uncles enter their 80s? It makes it worth every single mile of Texas roadways. Now, isn’t that something worth celebrating?