Forever and Ever

Woohooooo, it’s Friday!

Do you need an antidote from all the drama this political season? How about a throwback song? Randy Travis was inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame (finally!) and I think we should celebrate with his Forever and Ever, Amen. “I’m gonna love you forever and ever, forever and ever, amen.”


May you have a glorious weekend with someone you love. 😉

Cool Summer Fun

Wahooooo Wednesday!

It’s Hump Day! How are you doing?

We’re nearly done with July and roaring into busy-busy-busy August, with move season, back to school and last minute vacations. On top of everything else, the temps are making us all overheat. What’s a body to do? Grab a cold drink and think icy thoughts, of course. 😉 Or maybe you take a trip in the way-back machine and remember fun in the sprinklers with Wham-O’s Slip and Slide. Hard to believe this toy is still around but it was being advertised in 2015, with some additional features like blow-up ends, to minimize injuries.

I hope this ad helps you remember being a kid, when fun was as simple as a hose and a long piece of plastic. I also hope this reduces some of the stress in your day and the tension in your head-neck-shoulder-back-you get the idea 😀

backyard summer fun

Have a great Wednesday!


All That We Are

Good Morning, you made it to Friday!


It’s time to take stock of your week – How did you do on the survivometer? Barely made it? Stumbled a little but did ok? Or did you fly across the finish line despite everything that life threw in your way? If we could list all the hazards we encountered, we’d be here all day and all night, wouldn’t we?

How about we take a moment and just bask in being here. Check out this joyful song from Mumford and Sons with Baaba Maal, There Will Be Time. In the cold light, I live to love and adore you, it’s all that I am, it’s all that I have. All that we are – makes you think about what matters, who you are and who we are together. Sweet lyrics help get you off to a great start today!



Own It

Good morning and HAPPY FRIDAY!

I’m in need of something a little fun, a little camp, so how about a little MC Hammer? Yeah, that’s how we livin…. Need to get a fresh attitude? Oh, my Lord, thank You for blessing me….Looking for some energy? Now, you know you wanna dance. Want to shake off the seriousness of your day? No quote here, but how about you join me in imagining everyone wearing those harem pants? Whoot! 😀

Its your life so own it

It doesn’t matter how challenging things are, we all need to remember what we do well, celebrate who we are and own it. Whether it’s you, your family, your community or your company, you know you rock it. Need some help visualizing? I absolutely love this lipsync of U Can’t Touch This by McKinney High School. EVERYONE is in on the action – do you think it brought them together? And how great is it that the administration supported this effort? It tells you that they make their campus fun for their students, which pays off in a strong sense of community and students who are willing to work hard. (My favorite is the kid at 3’15” who looks like he might get pushed into his locker but, boy, he can bust a move. Good for him for taking center stage!)

So move, outta your seat, and… git r done, then enjoy your weekend!


Love You Dodo

Love in the age of electronics means being able to laugh at yourself. Seriously. Haven’t you ever sent something by accident – either to the wrong person or typed badly or gotten help from spellcheck? Of course you have. It’s not the mistake that matters, it’s how we react to it that counts. Like wrinkles, it’s our reactions that give us character. They become the evidence of a life well lived.

When I send a text to my husband, I often sign off with an “xoxo”. This is so automatic that I frequently send it to coworkers. Usually, this is when I’m doing too many things at once. (Uhh, that would be anytime I’m doing more than one thing at a time….) Fortunately, it’s a loving mistake. They reply with things like, “love you too, boo” or “awww, that’s sweet”. I even get, “bet you were sending this to Martin” (that’s Dear Husband or DH).

So, now it’s the day before Valentine’s Day and I’m sending a text. I’ve got the recipient right – DH – but not focusing on the keyboard or the blasted spell check. DH is running an errand for me and I meant to send him, “xoxo” By the time I notice “xoxo” has become “dodo”, the text is gone. Poof. Sent and forever in the ether.


One of the best parts of our relationship is that we laugh. A lot. Fortunately, this is now just another one of those moments. He knew what I meant and he could guess how it happened. Will he forget it? Of course not. Years from now, he’ll be sending me texts like “Love you dodo”. It’ll be an inside joke. It’ll give our relationship a little more depth, another line that defines us, evidence of a love well lived. ❤

Texas Mileage

We spent yesterday driving to a surprise party for my aunt. I’m pretty sure that most of you think that means that we spent most of the day attending a surprise party for my aunt. But this is Texas. Y’all don’t know what it’s like here unless maybe you live in Alaska. Texas is 10% larger than France and twice the size of Germany and Japan. I’m telling you, this place is HUGE. I found this map to show you the relative size…..You can see why a drive across the state takes a couple of days, if you’re going the speed limit, that is, which we ALWAYS do. Just nod your head and look innocent while you smile at the nice officer. 🙂

Aunt Phyllis’s party was in a small town in north Texas, named Cisco. It happens to be the location of the original Hilton hotel and there is a museum dedicated to the Hiltons there.

The old Mobley Hotel, the first of Hilton’s properties, was located in Cisco, Texas.

Nearly everyone that attended the party lives elsewhere. I think most folks had a 4 hour round trip drive, Cisco is a couple of hours west of Fort Worth and a few hours east of Midland, all along I-20. One of my cousins and her husband drove down from Arkansas and spent the night in Dallas. My brother and parents flew in from California. Martin & I? We drove up from San Antonio, 4 hours each way, all in one day. If you’re doing the math, let me save you the trouble… We drove 8 hours round-trip to attend a birthday party that was about 3 hours. That’s Texas for ya. It was worth it though – we got to visit with about 40 or so of my dad’s family, including my aunts and uncles, my cousins and their kids and even grandkids. My favorite part of this group is the  joy they have, you’re always welcomed with open arms. Is it any wonder why it’s so easy to spend time with them, especially now, as the aunts and uncles enter their 80s? It makes it worth every single mile of Texas roadways. Now, isn’t that something worth celebrating?

Define Success

How do you know when something is enough? Are you successful or successful…enough?  I had a boss who told me I’d never get rich working for that particular employer. Wow, depressing, right? Or not…. His yardstick clearly wasn’t mine.

Like most folks, my husband and I were broke when we got married but we always had an income, a roof over our house and food on the table. We rarely had to tell ourselves “no” when it came to something. Not that we didn’t have to budget, but we spent our money relatively smart and were able to buy the normal fun things. We started out in a tiny little house but eventually traded up to a series of “forever” houses (my work has moved us around a bit). Every single house we’ve had has been beautiful in some way. Is that the definition of being rich? Maybe, but it only lasts so long if your house is empty.

We’ve always had an abundance of books. When the boys were little I would tell them, “we are rich in books!” because every bookshelf was overflowing. Does that mean we were rich? Even a house full of books may not be home though.

Ever since Martin and I got together, we’ve always had a house full of our boys, family, the neighbors’ and the boys’ friends. We wanted to be that house, the one where all the kids hang out. We don’t mind the mess, the noise or the extra food bill (even now, when each boy seems to need an extra large pizza). Ok, we don’t mind their mess as long as there is daylight outside…. In all seriousness, we love that they come over, talk for a bit, and then go do their thing. For us, this is the definition of success. It means that people see your home as safe and comfortable, that it’s a place to be yourself and where you are accepted for who you are. Our boys are getting older (the youngest is 17) and I’m happy to see them grow up. I’ll miss the impromptu sessions in our kitchen where they gather with their buddies around a pizza. I’ll still think we’re rich though, because of the role we’ve had in their upbringing.

My dad with Gus and Dylan. Don't let the scowls fool you - apparently the boys have outgrown smiling for the camera. :)

My dad with Gus and Dylan. Don’t let the scowls fool you – apparently the boys have outgrown smiling for the camera. 🙂