Mega Modern Family

The holidays are all about family and friends. Sometimes, you’re even lucky enough to spend some up-close-and-personal time with them. Let’s hope you make great memories and can laugh at the funny (and not-so-funny stuff). 😉

Today’s Hump Day ad is Tide: Mega Modern Family Gets the Most With Tide HE These are things you just can’t unsee……It’s a great ad, showing off the product and engaging you with humor about a situation we can all relate to.


I think that the Tide family and Modern Family (above) are related, don’t you? They’re both full of love, a little humor, a little snark and, above all, community. What would we do without each other?

A Million Things to Be

We are rich in opportunities. Sure, there are obstacles between us and our goals, but that’s life. Sometimes those obstacles are speed bumps and sometimes they’re brick walls. But what if there is something meaningful on the other side? Will you get stopped by the voice in your head that says, “I can’t”?


What do you see when you look around, the speedbumps, the brick walls, the can’ts?


Or do you see the doors, the windows, the what ifs?


It’s no secret that I see the what-ifs. (Unless I’m cranky, then I’m all about the I-don’t-wannas …. :D) I think this is one reason I really like this hump day ad, Free To Be – 2017 Jeep Grand Cherokee Trailhawk and Summit. It’s well designed, cleverly edited and full of feel-goods. By the way, the accompanying song is Cat Stevens’s If You Want to Sing Out.

The ad ran this fall, during the peak of the election cycle, and Jeep did a great job of taking a very angsty, emotional time in the US and flipping it, reminding us that we’re better together. Jeep reminded us that, if we want to, we can see beyond our differences to that which makes us a community. My question for you: do you want to?


Happy Hump Day, may you find more doors than brick walls!


I’m a People Person

Happy Hump Day everyone! The week is half over and we’re all hopefully halfway through our to-do list. 😉


Martin & I were fortunate to have two whole weeks in Hawaii recently. While we were there, we saw an ad for a Hawaiian insurer (Hawai’I Employers’ Mutual Insurance Company, or HEMIC). Here’s their ad for worker’s comp insurance: HR. Aren’t we all people persons, err, people. Wait, that doesn’t sound right either.

And I’m hoping Steve doesn’t work in our office…. 😀


Lots going on today, need to check a few more things off on my to-do list. See y’all later!


You Better Think

Good morning! How’s your week going? It’s Hump Day again, so let’s look at another clever ad – Citi’s “Date” Double Cash Card . Don’t you wish everyone said what they meant? Or would that be all kinds of awkward? Interpreting social cues is an art. I like this ad because it plays with a form of social lubricant (defined as anything that makes a social situation more comfortable), the polite brushoff. In the end, they call it like they see it, wrapping up the scene nicely.

How about you? When are you politely stepping over awkwardness? Do you ever wish you could just be real? Sometimes, it’s more productive to smooth over social awkwardness and sometimes it’s better to engage, and be authentic. Although the ad is playful, I hope it makes all of us think about how we choose to engage with each other. (And now I have the Queen of Soul singing “you better think” running in my head :D)


Gotta dash, I hope y’all have a fabulous Wednesday!



Come and Get It

Happy Hump Day! Woohoo, woohoo, wooHOOOO, it’s another great day in AT&T-land 😀

Today’s hump day ad is in honor of yesterday’s Google event – Google: Oct. 4. Google abandoned their Android character for this one, relying on a simple but mysterious (oooh, intrigue!) shape. What’s the point? Aside from giving you a great earworm (Redbone’s Come and Get Your Love, if you want the whole song), they want to prove that you can sell without actually seeing the product. Think of it as a drumroll, something to get your attention so you’re focused on them when they begin speaking.


Time to motor on – Have a great day!


Don’t Stop Me Now

Wahoo, it’s Wednesday! We made it through August, which is saying something since this was our busy season at work. So give yourself a moment to celebrate making it through another season and then let’s dive into September.

It’s time for a hump day ad; HusbandMartin and I are divided on this one – Google Photos Free Up Space. I love the combination of music and concept. Queen’s Don’t Stop Me Now is a classic for a reason and it’s a great match for the ad’s story (capturing the moment in a photo with your smartphone). Martin is frustrated by the users’ frustration, though.

What do you think? Does the ad grab you in the right way? Or does it annoy you enough to make you want to block out the message? Good advertising, like all communications, engages you enough to get the message to stick. Think about your communications; do your messages get lost because of how you deliver them? Or are you able to get your story across and make it sticky because of your style? Always good food for thought.

And one more thing…..Have you taken the pledge to not text and drive? ? Need a reminder of my thoughts on the matter? I mention this because AT&T has released a new ad to encourage folks to not drive while distracted. It’s worth the 3 minutes to watch – I hope it reminds all of us to focus on the road, not on the phone.

Take the pledge ICW

Take the pledge to buckle up and put your phone down!