Don’t Stop Me Now

Wahoo, it’s Wednesday! We made it through August, which is saying something since this was our busy season at work. So give yourself a moment to celebrate making it through another season and then let’s dive into September.

It’s time for a hump day ad; HusbandMartin and I are divided on this one – Google Photos Free Up Space. I love the combination of music and concept. Queen’s Don’t Stop Me Now is a classic for a reason and it’s a great match for the ad’s story (capturing the moment in a photo with your smartphone). Martin is frustrated by the users’ frustration, though.

What do you think? Does the ad grab you in the right way? Or does it annoy you enough to make you want to block out the message? Good advertising, like all communications, engages you enough to get the message to stick. Think about your communications; do your messages get lost because of how you deliver them? Or are you able to get your story across and make it sticky because of your style? Always good food for thought.

And one more thing…..Have you taken the pledge to not text and drive? ? Need a reminder of my thoughts on the matter? I mention this because AT&T has released a new ad to encourage folks to not drive while distracted. It’s worth the 3 minutes to watch – I hope it reminds all of us to focus on the road, not on the phone.

Take the pledge ICW

Take the pledge to buckle up and put your phone down!