You Better Think

Good morning! How’s your week going? It’s Hump Day again, so let’s look at another clever ad – Citi’s “Date” Double Cash Card . Don’t you wish everyone said what they meant? Or would that be all kinds of awkward? Interpreting social cues is an art. I like this ad because it plays with a form of social lubricant (defined as anything that makes a social situation more comfortable), the polite brushoff. In the end, they call it like they see it, wrapping up the scene nicely.

How about you? When are you politely stepping over awkwardness? Do you ever wish you could just be real? Sometimes, it’s more productive to smooth over social awkwardness and sometimes it’s better to engage, and be authentic. Although the ad is playful, I hope it makes all of us think about how we choose to engage with each other. (And now I have the Queen of Soul singing “you better think” running in my head :D)


Gotta dash, I hope y’all have a fabulous Wednesday!