Kids. Driving.

Hi everyone and HAPPY Weekend!

My youngest son passed his driver’s test this week and flew out of the nest yesterday for the first time. Of course, like his brother, he walked out the door and…five minutes later walked back in. He needed help backing out of the garage. It’s nice to be needed.

Five years ago, it was our oldest. He left for a friend’s and promised to call when he arrived. We panicked when he called after only a few minutes and stuttered out a hello. Crud, we thought, he’d already wrecked the car. Oh, ye of little faith. He was fully in control of the car, thankfully. However, having accidentally hit the flasher button, he couldn’t figure out how to turn it off. Turned out he was calling from the driveway. Kids.

We’ll save other stories for another time, particularly those about allowing children garage-parking privileges, including those about license plates being imprinted upon the garage fridge and our thankfulness that the wall in front of that car not being weight bearing.

Do something good today.