Happiest of Hump Days, this fine June morning!
We’re embarking on a roadtrip to see our youngest matriculate. Like all college graduates, our wee Moose dreamed of this day and now it’s time to celebrate!

Speaking of dreams, I saw Tiffany & Co.’s ad, Believe in Dreams, recently. It caught my eye and ear for all kinds of reasons, including, of course, the music. Audio signatures are tough to beat when it comes to sticky advertising.

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When you hear Moon River, do you think of Breakfast at Tiffany’s, the classic movie that starred Audrey Hepburn? Tiffany & Co. smartly work this concept into an upbeat, updated inspiration, especially if you like the color blue, dancing and whimsical jewelry.
It all begins with Elle Fanning window shopping, just like Audrey Hepburn did. Elle doesn’t look like she can afford anything in the window, but it doesn’t stop her from dreaming as she’s transported into the blue life with a little help from A$AP Ferg and a bee-dazzling friend.

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One of the things I found surprising about this ad was the vocals – Elle Fanning sang the traditional version and A$AP Ferg contributed the rap. Who knew Elle could sing? And the mashup with A$AP Ferg was a really cool update to a classic that put him into the history books as the first rapper (and African American male) artist to represent Tiffany & Co.

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The best ads give you more than a sales pitch; they build a web that attracts and holds you (like that sticky analogy? I’m pretty proud of it. :D). Sticky ads inspire you and help you remember the product. They make you want to stay engaged with the brand.

I think this ad is pretty sticky but will we all run out to Tiffany’s for a bauble? Maybe not. But I’ll bet most of you have window-shopped them for something special, something that symbolizes your dreams. Tiffany is counting on you to remember them when you have something to celebrate. 🙂